Pascal Wyse satisfies with a number of Germans using scrap automobiles as musical instruments.
End of Life automobiles, a massive scrapyard in north London, is where cars go to die. Christian von Richthofen stands amid its tidy piles of vehicles as a fork lift truck plucks one outside and deposits it.
Over the next few weeks, Von Richthofen will get through 20 or so of the cars, as part of his display opening tonight AutoAuto!,. With co-performers Frank Valet and Rolf Clausen, he will ruin one auto per eventide - by using this as a drumkit.
Frank loosens a little plastic on the underside of the roofing, as he slaps it, which then rattles. An air port gets scraped using a spanner. Valet, joins in the rehearsal and meanwhile, appears with an enormous club hammer.
Von Richthofen is used to smacking music out of industrial touches and bobs. But the notion for AutoAuto!
When three of the kids in the job were challenged by the authorities, who suspected them of taking baseball bats to cars, Von Richthofen provided a deal to the boys. I'll instruct you." Afterward, believing off the very top of his head, he added: "When we could play some rhythm, I'll get a vehicle on stage and we are going to ruin it - with beat." Afterwards, he teamed up with an old bandmate who loved the notion, and entire weeks were spent building it in a scrapyard. We simply had to learn by performing."
With human beatbox impersonations of jazz trombone the idea's routines, and a James Brown riff on car horns, the present is designed to raise grins, not issues. The vehicle can be described as a great instrument."
The organisers of a motor show in Leipzig, where the show played in front of gas- heads including racing driver Mika Hakkinen, might not agree. AutoAuto was found by them! So hateful, the employee who booked it got fired on the spot. James mean, we must awaken." Musicians Friend Coupon
Hmm, an eco-message does appear to be creeping out. They can not say it's malicious mischief." And anyhow, it is not all about harm: fingers rubbing against paint work could be created to squeak while strips of steel are bowed like a power saw to make air, in a programme that features samba, in addition to tunes by Motorhead and Benny Goodman.

Back at End of Life Vehicles, some cars are waiting to possess their fluids emptied before being scrapped. Von Richthofen is getting excited about the idea of them discussing through the nighttime. It might all get somewhat like the Stephen King novel Christine, i-say, where a car circles murdering people. Well, a car does unexpected things when you do surprising things to it." This he understands from one performance in which he tried to rip out a rear-see mirror. The plastic and glass shattered and cut into his hand. Just like a pitbull, the vehicle touch me!"
As Valet eventually manages to boot the windscreen of our test car having a mighty crunch, the pitbull begin to sympathise with these Steinways of their predicament and the road. But at least they do go out using a bang.

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